Good People. Good Work.

We want to work with talented, engaged people who are excited to use their skills to do good for our clients, and ultimately for the people our clients serve.

Why Work At Pantheon?

Diversity of people, skills and perspectives

Pantheon is committed to a warm, inclusive workplace. Different backgrounds and perspectives lead to the best outcomes, and we celebrate the personal and professional diversity that our employees bring to the table.

Benefits & Perks

We are an established company with a startup mentality that influences not just how we work on projects, but also how we work to improve ourselves.

Healthcare, Vision, and Dental Insurance

Everyone deserves to have good healthcare coverage. Full Stop.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

We support young talent looking to thrive in their careers and grow their families with maternity and paternity leave.

401K Matching

Financial security is important to you, and important to us.

Remote Work and Flexible Hours

We care more about getting the right people to do the job than where they are located or when they are at their computer.

No Pre-Set Vacation Days

Adults can manage their own vacation, sick days and time off. We don’t feel we need to keep track of your time.

Respecting Work-Life Balance

We know that your life isn’t your work, and we want to respect that.

Fun Work Environment

Weekly online trivia game, stocked snack cabinet (for when we used to be in the office), happy hours, team lunches and office shenanigans (again, back before we lived in a pandemic)


Senior DevOps Engineer
Arlington, VA
Senior Software Engineer
Arlington, VA

What to expect in the hiring process

Initial interview with hiring manager

You’ll start with a short interview with the hiring manager to learn about the company and position, as well as to give us a chance to get to know you.

Team interview

If selected to move forward, you’ll then meet with an interview panel who represent different roles on our cross functional teams. Before this interview, you may be given a short assignment reflective of the future role that will help us understand your work process (this assignment will never be used for anything other than your interview).

Final interview with company leadership

Our final interview is a personal touchpoint with our company leadership.

Employee Spotlight

MEET Jennifer Newberg

Time at Pantheon
1 year
What's your favorite project?
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. "
Favorite Movie
Star Wars
Eye Color
Favorite Quote
You must unlearn what you have learned
Favorite Food
Rootleaf Stew
Favorite Sport
Fun Fact
Favorite Food
Favorite Movie/TV Show
Most used App/Website
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